Other occasional Hams, called upon when the regulars are unavailable and some ‘farming out’ is required, include, in alphabetical order:

Roy Civil (keyboards), Colin Giles (tenor & baritone saxes), Dirk Griffin (bass guitar), Nikki Hannent (baritone sax), Mike Miles (drums), Pete Moore (bass guitar), Ellie Parker (bari sax), Chris Pettitt (tenor & bari saxes), John Porter (bass guitar), Nick Pugh (bass guitar), Ian Riley (keyboards), Rebecca Swift (bari sax) and Howard Trendell (tenor sax).

DISCLAIMER: The Band and all their deputies are extracted from the local ‘sty’ of ‘musi-chams’. All are highly intelligent, extremely clean and, of course, undeniably more equal than others!

Alan Wakeman and Howard Trendell in action at
the Lakeside Club, Ecton, 25 August 2014
             Chris Pettitt
Pete Moore

 Dirk Griffin